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SB Group assists our Clients enhance their global trading strategies. Our international trading services include:

Corporate Structuring:
A key aspect of our international trading services offering, we will engineer a global structure to facilitate trade in different countries in a tax-efficient manner.

Geographical Presence:
As part of our international trading services, we will advise you whether to establish a Branch, Representative Office or Limited Liability Company within the countries/markets you intend to conduct business.

Corporate Bank Account:
SB Group will assist you open a corporate bank account in the country of your choice.

Business Merchant Account:

SB Group will assist you open a merchant account to allow your Firm to receive customer credit card payments through your business website.

Virtual Office:
In the country and city of your choosing, SB Group will provide your Firm with a business mailing address, email address, a business telephone and fax number.

Business Website:
To improve the marketability of your products and services, SB Group will build a business website for your Firm.

Search Engine Campaigns:
SB Group will build advertising campaigns on Google, Yahoo and MSN to increase the awareness of your business website products and services.

Letters of Credit:
SB Group will assist your Firm obtain L/C support from local banks to support your international business.

Corporate Finance:
SB Group works with some of the leading finance houses in Asia and the world to help our clients secure corporate financing.

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