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SB Group provides customised software for businesses through its Software Development Division. These Software Solutions in database applications, inventory management,Client server applications etc. are tailor-made for each customer. They are designed to be cost effective, high quality, scalable and easily maintainable systems which are well documented and automate existing business processes.

SB Group 's software team also offers on-site development work for its domestic or overseas clients. Software team uses leading technologies like VB, VC++, ASP, PHP,JSP, WML, XML, Servlets and backends like ,MS.Access, MS SQL,mySQL and Oracle.

We are providing customise solutions, we dont have any ready made packages like, our software development is totally base on clients requirements. So we dont have any generalise softwares. We have developed following project for our client www.unileeds.com


Our service is free designed to simplify verifications for students, employers, background screening firms, executive search firms, government departments and employment agencies.

OVS Verification's online access eliminates the complications and delays associated with manual processing through individual enquiries.

Through OVS , you can have:

24x7 Availability:

Our service is completely Web-based. No need to bend your schedule to accommodate a school's ability to process your request.

Greater Time Savings:

No more school switchboards, voice mail or being put on hold. Costs for directory assistance and long-distance calls are eliminated.

Ability to Process Multiple Verifications in One Session

Speedy Verifications:

If a degree is in our registry, the response is immediate. If a degree pre-dates the school's electronic records, your request is processed as a priority by the school for response within 72 hours.

Increased Accuracy:

OVS is fully automated process ensures that the information you receive is correct.

Summary Audit Trail:

Summary of each verification are available online.

Improved Fraud Detection:

As many as 30% of all resumes contain fraudulent credentials information. Using OVS you better identify individuals who have falsified their credentials


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