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"Helping your business grow is our business"

The mission is to help businesses grow by providing:

•  Clients with consultancy, research and systems that offer them a global marketing     advantage.
•  Staff with satisfying, stimulating and rewarding careers.
•  Shareholders with the best, safest and most profitable opportunity in the sector.

Priorities will be judged by reference to the following:

  1. Will it satisfy our customers?
  2. Is it profitable?
  3. Will it increase the rate at which we can grow?
  4. Will it save us money, time or other resources?
We acknowledge that clients want things FREE, PERFECT and NOW and strive to deliver products and services which clients perceive as meeting these desires.

A Unique Consultancy

SB Group's strength is a combination of factors which collectively set us apart from any other consultancy and give us a unique identity in the marketplace. We have been at the cutting edge of innovation in consultancy since many years, and are in the list of the Marketing Consultancies.

The marriage of academic discipline and strong entrepreneurial instinct gives us the essential balance to see the whole picture. Our solutions work in the real world.

At SB Group we pride ourselves in our ability to create long lasting change for our clients. Our unique Global Marketing Advantage System (GMAS) provides many modules which provide Global companies with marketing, sales and quality related improvement programmes which lead to measurable strategic and tactical advantage.

Some of the factors that make us unique are:

•  Multi-sector experience.
•  Strong academic ties.
•  Academically and professionally trained staff who are knowledgeable and    experienced.
•  Innovative marketing concepts.
•  State of the art research facility and exposure.

» Overseas Education
» English Language Coaching

» Apply Online
» Hotel Management
» Security Officers
» Website Solutions
» Web Promotion
» E-Cataloge
» E-Commerce
» Software Solutions
» Accouting Services
» International Trading
» Finance Management
» Sourcing out of Products
» Event Management